Is anyone still out there?

I'm sorry to say that the time has finally come to say goodbye to When I started this site 16 years ago the internet was a very different place. Static sites were the norm (mostly Geocities with under construction gifs), forums were the heart of social interaction on the web, and paying for bandwidth to serve 1Mb files was expensive. Being a massive fan of Lucas Arts Adventure games and wanting to make my own games I set up this site to showcase my own creations and chat with like minded people.

To my surprise it turned out to be a hit. The forums were active, lots of people were making their own games, and our community grew. At our height we had a loyal group of regular visitors, regular competitions, and occasional outages due to hackers. We even got mentioned in PC Gamer.

Sadly times move on, and after I headed to uni the site became quieter and quieter. Bigger and better sites arrived with guides on newer tooling and with a broader selection of game genres. After 10 years since our last meaningful update, it feels like its time to finally say goodbye.

The old content is still availible via the magic of the Way Back Machine, and Mixnmojo has an excellent resource on fan games for all the downloads you're missing.

If anyone sees this and wants to catch up I've created a Discord server that I'll try and keep an eye on. It would be good to hear from you all.

Thanks for all the good times,